High quality Green outlook ED binoculars for adults hunting

Waterproof Binoculars Fully Multi Coating,ED lens,high quality,professional
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Waterproof Binoculars Fully Multi Coating,ED lens High quality Green outlook ED Binoculars for Adults Hunting

产品型号 Product Type JAXY D2207Z 8.5X42EDF                     
放大倍率 Magnification 8.5×
镜体材料 Body  material 塑钢PPS
胶皮材料 Armor material 橡胶(NBR+PVC)
颜色 Color
物镜口径 Objective lens Ø Φ42 
目镜口径 Ocular lens Ø Φ24
出瞳直径  Exit pupil Ø  Φ5.1mm 
出瞳距离  Exit pupil distance (mm) 17mm
视场范围 Field of view (°) 7.8°
视场范围 Field of view (at 1000M) 136m
视场范围 Field of view (at 1000yds) 408t
视度系统   Diopter system  Right diopter ring
瞳距可调范围   Interpupillary distance 5674mm
调焦方式 Focus System 中调Center Focus
调焦透镜 Focusing lens 目镜调焦Eye.
视度可调范围   Diopter compensation  -4 To +4 Diopter
调焦范围   Focusing Adjustment  -4 To +8 Diopter
棱镜系统 Prism System roof prism
棱镜材料 Prism Glass Material BaK4
光学组成              Optical Configuration 物镜组成 Objective lens  3E2G(32)
目镜组成 Ocular lens  4E3G(43)
透镜类型 Lens Type Spherical Lens(球面)
光学材料 Optical Material 全光学玻璃All optical glass
透镜镀膜              Lens coating 镀膜条件                            Coating Condition 全多层宽带膜                                                                                                          Fully Multi Coating
镀膜规格                              Coating Spec. 400-700nm,R0.5%(AVG)
棱镜镀膜              prism coating 入射面镀膜                        Coating Condition 增透膜+镀铝                                                                                                              AR Coating +Aluminized
镀膜规格 Coating Spec. 420-680nm,R1.0%(ABS),蓝膜550nmMGF2)
防水,防雾Water/Fogproof      Yes       □ No
气体填充 Gas Filled      Nitrogen   其他         
眼杯类型 Eye cup 类型 Type      Twist up   □Fold down
材质  Material 橡胶(NBR)
目镜盖 eye caps 类型 Type      连体式   单体式   其他      
材质  Material 橡胶(NBR+PVC)
物镜盖 obj. Cover 类型 Type      连体式   单体式   其他      
材质  Material 橡胶(NBR+PVC)
适合三脚架      Adapt to tripod      Yes       □ No
肩带 strap      Yes       □ No
软包 soft case 类型 Type      中性     专有     其他      
材质  Material 1200D牛津布包
肩带 strap 类型 Type      中性     专有     其他      
材质  Material 25mm宽织带
擦镜布 cleaning cloth           Yes       □ No
操作手册 instruction manual           Yes       □ No
包装 packaging           Yes       □ No
尺寸(××)    Size(Length×Width×Height) 150×53×128mm
重量 Weight approx